Our staff has education and certification requirements that hold them to the highest standards. We also have continued education courses throughout the year that keep us on the brink of all current fitness knowledge. 



The 7,500 square foot facility offers a spacious environment with the latest fitness equipment. The same equipment that is used by collegiate and professional athlete training centers. 



With 6 different types of fitness classes Lock Box has an option for any fitness enthusiast. Whether your looking to lose weight, tone up, increase muscle mass or improve performance you can create the perfect schedule to get results fast. 




Our onsite parking lot provides a convenient option for our members. Also, our location is surrounded by street parking and meter options that offers a quick solution to parking needs. 



Lock Box has a newly renovated shower and changing room with fully stocked products for all your showering needs. We also provide shower towels. 



Fresh workout towels and shower towels are always available at the front desk so you don't have to bring your own. Earn your sweat! 




Lock Box provides complimentary wifi throughout the entire facility. Stay connected and share your fitness experience on your social media #LockBoxLA



Lock Box offers: Classes, Personal Training, Competitive Team Training Program, Massage, Nutrition, and Customized Merchandise. This all inclusive experience will conveniently fulfill all your fitness needs in one place. 



Train among friends and keep yourself motivated with a positive workout environment. We hold community events and outings to keep a well rounded healthy lifestyle in and out of the gym. 



To provide an elite level performance training facility and classes that continue to promote education, create efficient fundamental movement patterns and advance the skills and crafts of strength and conditioning. We will give the safest and highest level of programming and methodology from our staff of leaders in the fitness industry. We also promise to guide our athletes in the pursuit of their goals through a positive and strong community.


Athletes: We build strong relationships and listen to our athletes to understand and meet their goals every day.
Education: We constantly look for new and better ways to teach and train.
Safety: We act consciously every day to keep our athletes safe.
Results: We promise to achieve positive and attainable results for all.
Excellence: We hold ourselves to the highest level of standards in everything we do.
Community: We are committed to supporting and developing our local community.


To transform our athletes’ lives by offering a fun environment for people to learn how to move more effectively and efficiently. Our responsibility is to continually have an evolving course selection that holds to the highest-level of standards within the fitness industry and strives for success on all levels of growth. Through these efforts we will constantly make people’s lives better.