Born and raised in Northern California, Scott has had a fascination with physical fitness, a curiosity about the human body and how it responds to physical activity since he was a child. He can recall still, riding a bike that was too large for him, old wood blocks taped to the pedals, to get to the gym to play with weights before he was 10 years old. A pathway enriched with diverse experiences including years as a salvage diver to modeling in Europe ultimately led him to the fitness industry in Los Angeles. A personal trainer to clients who suffer from chronic pain, his commitment to individual, relevant, functional and restorative training is the ideology that motivates him to remain within that industry today.

Scott has been involved in the fitness industry for well over two decades experiencing many aspects of it, from being a certified personal trainer, body builder, pilates instructor, fitness model and massage therapist. While training as a body builder Scott suffered a painful back injury which lead to 25 years of intense chronic pain negatively and significantly affecting the quality of his daily life. That injury was the beginning of an intense and personal journey, which led to his creation of M11Restorative Techniques®, which healed his body.

25 years later, Scott lives a pain free life, a life of increasing mobility, as a result of his own personal transformation. What is more inspiring is that he has hundreds of past and current clients who are no longer in chronic pain as a direct result of the M11Restorative Techniques® systemic approach to soft tissue mobility. For years, Scott’s only goal was to heal the damaged soft tissues of his own body, what resulted was an opportunity to share his discovery with others.

You can expect to see Scott working passionately with compassion to bring the benefits of his discovery to people suffering from chronic pain. Daily, he is engaged with his clients as they work together to improve their health through fitness, balance, and gaining an expansive understanding of their own body, and implementing the M11Restorative Techniques® into their daily lives.


Certified Personal Trainer - NASM

CrossFit Mobility Course



80 Hours Hands-On Dissection of the Human Body

Olympic Lifting Course - National Association of Weight Lifting

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