Sam Capogrosso was born and raised in always-sunny Southern California, and he grew up experiencing first hand the benefits of living an active lifestyle. After realizing at the age of 13 that training in the gym directly affected his ability to go on longer bike rides, swim faster and farther, and ultimately get outside more often, it was an easy choice for Sam to start working in the fitness industry.

His background in fitness started with specializing in endurance training during his time spent in the sports of track and field, cross country running, and triathlons. Sam later transitioned to an approach to fitness centered on power during his time playing rugby for Tufts University. It was through this transition from endurance to a power sport that Sam learned how to approach eliminating one’s weaknesses on the field by utilizing proper form, technique, and training methods in the weight room. During this time in college Sam also gained valuable experience coaching large groups by acting as a strength and conditioning coach for rookie rugby players looking to increase their performance on the field.

In 2013 Sam started his formal education in fitness by working as a personal trainer at his university gym and taking multiple classes on exercise physiology and nutrition. In that same year Sam discovered CrossFit and began to learn its methodology so he could be sure that he was giving his personal training clients the best workout program possible. After moving to Amman, Jordan in 2015 Sam began to coach classes at a local CrossFit box while developing a program for his HIIT&CORE class that focused on developing functional movement utilizing items such as tires, sleds, and sand bags. During his time in Jordan, he utilized his education and experience to create a welcoming atmosphere for functional development and fitness as an Assistant Coach for the Youth Development Program.  

He has always enjoyed being involved in athletics on a personal level, but Sam’s main focus now is helping athletes have fun with fitness and hopefully finding the same joy and happiness that he has from living a healthy lifestyle. Sam is also the Lead Youth Performance Specialist at Lock Box. He provides a fun supportive environment for all ages to explore fitness and sports performance.


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