If your looking to tone-up, burn calories and get shredded Project Steel™ is the class for you! With minimal equipment, only dumbbells and body weight exercises, this is the perfect non-intimidating class that will take you to the next level. Project Steel™ was created by PJ Stahl with science based programming to maximize your RESULTS! This class will transform your entire body by focusing on Upper Body, Lower Body, Arms, Abs and Glutes all within 60 minutes! All skill levels welcome.


In Power & Strength we will emphasize developing overall full body strength and increased muscle mass. This class will have specific exercises and circuits to improve any person’s movement patterns and strength. We will focus on the 3 main power lifts: the deadlift, back squat and bench press. There will also be accessory movements to strengthen the assisting muscle groups for optimal performance. This classes’ methodology and programming are based on the Westside-Barbell Conjugate Method and Fundamental Strength Training.


In Calorie Blast Boot Camp you will maximize your calories burned in a 60-minute high energy full-body fat blasting workout! This class is ideal for anyone looking to shred those extra unwanted pounds and sculpt their body in a fun non-intimidating way. The workout is a combination of: Abs, Arms, Glutes, Legs and Cardio! This class is perfect for all skill levels from beginner to advanced. All exercises are modified to your skill level to allow you to blast through those calories and get the body you always wanted!


This 30-MIN Class is for all levels. You will be guided through movements as you stretch, breathe, and open your body to recover from training. This class will focus on lengthening your muscles and improving overall joint mobility. You will leave feeling refreshed, rehabilitated, and ready to take on the next workout!


In Olympic Lifting we will focus on the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk. This class will emphasis the breakdown of the movements to learn the specific form of each lift. We will progress each athlete through the skills transfer exercises and additional strength exercises to optimize power for the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. Technique is our biggest focus, to get serious results. This classes’ methodology and programming based on Mike Burgener, Greg Everett and Bob Takano training systems. to attend our four Elements classes. Upon completion of these four classes you will be ready to jump into any CrossFit class. To attend an Olympic Lifting class you must have CrossFit Experience or must have previous experience with all Olympic Lifts.


mobility & flexibility

Try our one of a kind class to help with your recovery, range of motion and overall flexibility. In our Mobility class we focus on restoration exercises that will help your body stretch and recover to its full potential. In this class we use assisted and non-assisted stretches, foam rolling, trigger point, and multiple other regeneration techniques. Mobility is the key to fundamental movement patterns, and our goal is to get you recovered and moving more efficiently. This classes’ methodology and programming is based on Kelly Starrett, Mike Boyle, Gray Cook, and Mark Verstegen.