Matt was born in Seattle, WA. Always an outdoor kid raised playing many sports from baseball, basketball, wrestling,  lacrosse, track, hockey, with a primary focus on football his entire life.  Weight training started at a young age in 8th grade. In high school the varsity football strength and conditioning program upgraded to barbell movements. He set multiple records in High School that are still held to this day including his 555 lb back squat at 18 years old. Matt then moved down to LA to pursue film. He realized he was about 70lbs bigger than he needed to be and his first major body transformation happened over 5 years dropping down to 145lbs. He then realized he didn't want to be tiny either and packed on the muscle to find an even balance. Then he realized he was spending more time in the gym than anywhere else and began self educating as well as getting national and specialized fitness certifications.  Starting with a 1 kettle bell years ago, he spent two years training with one object before expanding his knowledge with the National Sports Medicine Certification, as well as Cross Fit Level 1 trainer , finally getting mentored and trained by Pj Stahl the Program Creator of Tabata to become a Master trainer of Tabata . He continues learning, coaching, personal training, and training as an athlete  everyday and you can find him lifting things up and putting them down everyday at Lock Box.


CrossFit Level 1

Kettlebell Certified, HKC

Certified Personal Trainer, NASM

TABATA Body Master Trainer